Greenpeace Findings Point to Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Fashion Apparel

Did you know, what you wear could be dangerous stuff? We just stumbled upon findings by Greenpeace which say such toxicity abounds in clothing material and such stuff could even be hormone disrupting and cancer causing chemicals.  Shocking is the fact that such chemicals are used to make clothing by leading fashion brands too.

So you can imagine the toxic footprint left behind by clothing brands. Greenpeace purchased and experimented on 141 items of clothing from authorized retailers in 29 countries tests revealed that all the brands had at least several items containing hazardous chemicals that are toxic to human and even aquatic life.

The tests revealed that each and every brands tested had several items containing hazardous chemicals.

High levels of phthalates, a group of chemicals used to make plastics like polyvinyl chloride more pliable, were detected. It is believed that these chemicals were incorporated intentionally within the plastisol print on the fabric.

The United States has already banned many such garments and children’s products because of their links to reproductive abnormalities like reduced sperm count and certain types of cancer.

So, don’t you think you need to keep these products out?

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