Go Green this Diwali; Go For Eco-friendly Crackers

We are sure you are planning on buying loads of crackers to celebrate this Diwali. But think, there are many around you who have decided not to celebrate with crackers and smoke as it could be harmful for the environment and those around us.  For those of you who are not ready to compromise on your fiery-fun, let’s offer you an alternative  –   eco-friendly crackers!

Make use of as many eco-friendly crackers you want and there is no need to feel guilty at the thought of pollution at all.

If you are wondering what eco-friendly crackers are, they work on the principle of vacuum combustion. Here’s an example. A pipe made of plywood can be filled with small pieces of paper, leaving the center filled with air. When the lever attached to the pipe is rolled, the cracker bursts with a light sound.

There is no smoke emitted from such types of crackers and the sparkle accompanies the combustion making it safe for the children.

Taking things forward through a communication sent to more than 1000 small and big Trade Associations and Federations, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has also advised the traders in the Indian capital city of Delhi to go for eco-friendly crackers.

CAIT has also launched a silent drive to educate traders that in next three days while making a sale in their respective shops, they also must tell their customers about hazardous results of burning the crackers.


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