Frequent and Severe Failures Forecast in Indian Monsoon Behavior

If you are bent on chasing the monsoons in India, hold your horses. For, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research has come up with findings that throw light on the effects of climate change on the monsoons in the next two centuries period.

The research reveals that over the years the summer monsoon could see frequent and severe failures of the annual rainfall system that is crucial for survival in South Asia. The frequency and intensity of rainstorms during India’s monsoon season had risen significantly since 1950.

With the ongoing heat in Russia, flooding in Pakistan, and landslides in China, everyone is finally coming to a conclusion that the events may be connected to climate change after all.

By now, everyone might be aware of the fact that the increase in rainfall and climatic changes may all be due to the increasing temperatures.

Even though a single weather event can be attributed to climate change, the warming climate does load the dice in favor of extreme precipitation events.

As scientists report, these events are linked to the effects of global warming and are believed to be getting worse.

They also predict that further warming of the environment might lead to more extreme hazardous situations related to heavy rainfall like the risk of floods.

The total rainfall from June to September monsoons across central India had not substantially changed, but a spontaneous increase in rainfall occurred during the later time period and less in the light showers.

If only we could pluck out the deep rooted problems causing these climatic changes like deforestation and pollution, we could reduce the harms of global warming on the planet.

So, there is a need for everyone to take suitable measures against the hazards that might hit them in future.

Head here for the full research paper.


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