Fiat 500e Details Revealed; More at Los Angeles Show Debut

The wait is finally over and Fiat sure has a lot to say about the car that they didn’t want to build. We had shown you images of the Fiat 500e that leaked some weeks ago. This time we have more details and images of the Fiat 500 E as the Italian automaker has officially released all its features ahead of its public debut. So the Fiat 500e is once again being placed under the spotlight.

The “500e” is the brand’s first all-electric model in the U.S and it mimics the successful approach made by the BMW Mini Cooper.

As guessed, the Fiat 500E will be packed with an electric motor under the hood that is good for 111 HP and 147 lb-ft of torque. The rumors about the car’s lithium battery pack have also been revealed to be true.

The ride will benefit from a 24 kW battery pack, which is providing an estimated range of more than 80 miles. Within four hours you can completely refresh your Fiat 500e and charge your battery on a typical 240-volt outlet.

The multipurpose car has enough room for your smartphones as smartphone applications are also available for your Android device and iPhone.

The Fiat model has 13 percent improvement in the aerodynamics with mirror caps and rear spoiler and other minor tweaks.

And as we informed you earlier, you can hear more details on the Fiat 500E at the debut at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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