Fastest Electric Vehicles: Take a Look at these Cute Beasts

These vehicles definitely have the right stuff that props them to the top. So what if they are electric.  The fastest electric vehicles on earth include high-speed electric planes, trains and automobiles. Electric motors have an advantage of instant torque over conventional vehicles and that means that kind of power can be unique.

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In the past, electric vehicles provided basic transportation before internal combustion engine vehicles took over.

But these days, the fact remains that public interest remains high when it comes to performance, speed and freedom from oil addiction.

In Japan, there exists a mag-lev train that gets up to 361 miles per hour and saves a lot of time off commutes.

Keio University in Japan created the Eliica, an eight-wheel electric conversion racer that’s even faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo. Now that is what I call fast!

Ellica has electric motors in each of its eight wheels, which help it attain maximum speed.

And, the Mission R from Mission Motorcycles is also worthy of being in the list as it does zero-to-60 in three seconds. Jay Leno owns one.

This year, Rhys Millen stole first place in the electric 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. If you are a regular Greenlichen reader you will know about the recent achievements of EV vehicles.

Unfortunately, one car that failed to make the list was the White Zombie. But the White Zombie has posted a few drag strip speed records, powered by lithium batteries.

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