Eco Designer Stella McCartney Designs Virtual Badge to Protest Violence against Women

We know about all the achievements of Stella McCartney and she has always stood for justice and righteousness in the past.  This time it is no different as the ‘British designer of the year’ has decided to stand up for women with her latest creation. Stella McCartney has designed an anti-violence badge to show her protest against violence against women.

This virtual badge that she designed will definitely help spread awareness among millions of women. Her attempt to bring justice for defenseless women all over the world certainly calls for applause.

As we admire the symbolism used in the virtual badge, a white ribbon rendered in gold, featured prominently in a two-week online campaign that eventually overlapped with the ‘International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women’ on November 25th.

The general public is not even aware that such a day existed, so Stella has suggested that the ribbon can bring publicity to that date and ultimately bring respect to women all over the world.

The designer joined her colleagues, including renowned PPR CEO Francois Henri-Pinault, Gucci creative director Frida Giannini and Balenciaga CEO Isabel Guichot, in the fashion industry to create the White Ribbon Badge.

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