Diwali in Uttarakhand is Green and Animal Friendly Too

Regular Greenlichen readers will know about the importance of an eco-friendly Diwali. And now, let us tell you the tale of a group of villages in Uttarakhand in India who have decided to show courage and follow the path of the eco-friendly even when it comes to celebrating festivals.

This is the tale of more fellow human beings joining the greener path towards sustainability. Now, that’s what our planet looks for!

The villagers in Uttarakhand  is exhibiting a rare show of goodwill and a warm gesture towards wild life this Diwali season.  About two dozen villages along the border of the Rajaji National Park have decided to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali this year.

Though the initiative for eco-friendly Diwali has been taken by the Park authorities, they decided to go ahead and rope in the villagers too.

They have decided to celebrate this year’s Diwali the eco friendly way so as to protect the wild life from noise and air pollution.

Other parts of India have a lesson to learn here as these villagers play role models and tread the greener path towards sustainability.

Park authorities have convinced the villagers on the importance of staying away from firing rockets and other crackers that are highly illuminating and have sparks flying around. This way they are also making sure that fire doesn’t spread.

As there was a chance for forest fires while festivities raged , the villagers have decided to avoid crackers that fly around.

It is pretty clear that these villagers do not wish to endanger the animals or themselves this Diwali.

Admitting that the wildlife would be much better off in the absence of the highly illuminating lights and loud sound of crackers, park officials say it would have been impossible without the cooperation of the villagers.


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