Delhi Adds 5 Lakh Vehicles in a Year; Fuel Guzzlers Killing City

Living in a city is not a walk in the park. Ever thought about why the sun is hotter above the cities than it should be?  The Indian city of Delhi is a perfect example of a typical congested city, and it is only going worse, with more individuals buying their own non-eco friendly vehicles.

Two Indian cities – Ludhiana and Kanpur – have been rated among the most polluted cities in the world, according to the survey by the World Health Organization. It says 1.34 million people have already died from breathing filthy air around them.

It seems likeDelhiisn’t backing down from a fight either as the city’s thirst for owning vehicles looks nowhere near quenched.

Delhi’s roads are groaning louder than ever with multiplication of these SUVs and MUVs.  Apparently, Delhi added over five lakh vehicles to its existing number of fuel guzzling vehicles in a single year.

Vehicles are, in fact, known to be the largest contributor to the capital’s fast deteriorating air quality.

The Delhi government needs to immediately take a decision to convert their public transport vehicles into eco-friendly vehicles. A change in attitude in ourselves and those governing us can make this practical.

Delhi was supposed to have 11,000 public buses, but due to the government’s failure to enhance the public transport system,  individuals were forced to buy more of these smoke emitters.

There has to be a serious innovation from the part of the officials and a conscious effort from the part of the public.

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