Breathtaking Jasri Beach Villas in East Bali Offer Nature in a Platter

If you are a villa expert, you will know the essential features needed to dazzle people. And we have we have given you a tour around quite a number of exquisite villas in the past. The most essential feature needed for a villa to triumph is its hospitality. The Jasri Beach Villas not only provide you with warm hospitality, but also makes this facility available at a good price.

This villa is also a less-traveled alternative for those who like their journeys to be short and sweet and for those who have a busy week in their calendars.

Jasri Beach Villas are situated in the Eastern Bali, sixty miles east of the raucous streets of Kuta and Seminyak. You will reach this amazing villa that offers you the ultimate retreat here.

The villas await you with nightclubs, nature, relaxation, adventure and not to mention the Indian Ocean offering serenity close by. Jasri Beach Villas can be compared to an oasis, as most of the time, these villas stay hidden from the visitors of Bali.

The villas elegantly juxtapose traditional Balinese architecture with the finesse of contemporary design.

At night, the villa estate lights up under the stars leaving you with a weightless feeling, uplifting your hopes and dreams.

An eco tourist might agree that this villa can assuage your mind and leave you in euphoria and what more could anyone ask for than the Indian Ocean and lush jungle of East Bali just a few feet from your holiday home.

Kudos to Warren Sunnland, the owner/architect, who envisioned this paradise that many were looking for!

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