Beer Art Aims at Saving Animals from Extinction

We know many green artists who use special and unique techniques to attract viewers. But have you ever heard of artists painting with beer to convey a message?  We indeed love the idea of painting with beer – it is better than wasting a single drop of valuable water too.

Artist Ron Pomeroy says he started painting with beer because he likes the taste of beer more than water. That’s not the sole reason for this innovation, as he also says that he has always been a fan of experimentation.

What’s awesome about his paintings is that he uses his art to portray beautiful endangered species and to raise money for their conservation.

According to him, he perceives playfulness, joy, courage, persistence and other desirable human traits when he observes animal behavior.

He hopes to convey respect for animals through his paintings, while also providing a whimsical, imaginative view of them, often mocking them but in good humor.

He wants his followers to take his art seriously because the light heartedness of his paintings should not lessen the seriousness of the fact that the future of these animals is of serious concern.

A percentage of BeerColors net proceeds will be offered to non-profit organizations for serving and protecting wildlife. So, the next time you take out a 6-pack you can think about painting a frog or a tree rather than getting it wasted.

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