2013 Nissan Leaf Unveiled in Japan; Comes Cheaper and Better [Video]

The new and improved next generation Nissan Leaf has been unveiled in Japan this week, and it comes with a lot of modifications. The new model is a cheaper trim model for the budget-conscience crowd as the company has targeted those who haven’t yet purchased a Nissan Leaf since the car’s launch in 2010.

You are going to love the new Leaf more than the old one as it is simply better from every angle. The 2013 Leaf should accelerate and handle better than previous-gen Leafs as the new Leaf tops 228 kilometers of range on a charge on the JC08 test mode, up from 200 km in the previous Nissan Leaf.

This increase comes from the installation of better regenerative brakes and lower weight high-voltage unit.

The cheaper model has reduced the overall weight and included more trunk space, and used steel rims and wheel trims instead of alloy, and a less distinctive black for its interior. So, that gives should give you a basic idea of its interior design.

Also, along with an improved battery module and more integrated electronic units, the new model has lost over 170 lbs. There is also a new “long-life mode,” that will charge the battery to 80 percent, no matter how the car is being charged.

Although, the new 2013 Leaf will make its way to the US only next year, Nissan assures us that the US model might be different than the Japanese version.

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