Tube Chair: Sculpture-Chair Art Made from Recycled Tubes

How about a bunch of tubes for your chair? Ashley Baldwin Smith, a contemporary artist from Ashwin Studio, has created a Tube Chair using only recycled tubes. And don’t be under the wrong impression that, this steel tubing welded together is uncomfortable to sit on. The eco-friendly chair is exactly what you need to give yourself a proper relaxation.

The Cambridge-based artist specializes in creating furniture from found objects, recycled engine parts and scrap metal. His artistic insight and architecture skills have definitely helped him on the way to bring his eco-friendly design to reality.

Ashley’s idea was to create a unique chair that would appeal as a sculpture and would function as a comfortable chair.

This contemporary furniture is created from metal tubing with 7 coats of lacquer for outdoor use. And, for a polished look, it has been cleaned and polished with a wax-based car wash.

The artist recently finished working on the Tube Chair and also the B Chairs, a pair of sculptural chairs that are made entirely from steel tubes welded together.

The chair also is intended to function both as a sculpture that can be also used as a chair both indoors and outdoors.

Tell us your take on the new creations.

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