Sweden Imports Tons of Norway Trash to Generate Heat

Nations normally import raw materials and finished goods from various other countries. But then, this one is unique. We are talking of what the Swedes are importing trash in large quantities. Yes you read that right. Sweden has been experiencing a garbage deficit. Wonder why?

Of course, Sweden has a reason. The country knows it can generate 20% of the heat it needs by burning trash. Swedes are so industrious, and they have found this way out to produce heat for its people.

As part of its ‘Waste-to-Energy’ program, the nation has proved capable of converting up to 20 million tons of house hold waste to heat and electricity.

As the deficit has come about now following recycling of almost all waste by its citizens, Sweden has now resorted to import waste from neighboring Norway.

Norway will pay Sweden for taking trash and recycling it. Sweden plans to import around 800,000 tons of waste per year, and most of them will be used in the Waste-to-Energy program. But then, if toxic waste results from burning, such waste will be returned to Norway.

Sweden will also look forward to import a higher amount of waste from other countries than Norway. Potential sellers could include Italy, Romania and the Baltic countries where waste treatment has become a problem.

Do you think your country has a lesson to learn here? Tell us how they do it in your place of residence.


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