Spider Silk Can Be Used to Make Computer Chips

Everyone knows spiders use their silky web as a mechanism to catch their prey. But did you know that this sticky material is worth a whole lot more. An amazing discovery has led physicists to believe that they have found a new use for spider silk.

Physicists are experimenting with pure spider silk as a relatively inexpensive and ecologically friendly way to manipulate light within photonic chips.

New research shows that natural silk could be an eco-friendly alternative to more traditional ways of manipulating light, such as glass or plastic fiber optic cables.

Researchers say this technology could give birth to silk-based biosensors and medical imaging devices for use inside the body. The new discovery is sure to lead to medical advancements that will take advantage of the optical properties of silk.

They have also come to the conclusion that spider’s silk is one of the strongest fibers and that it is biocompatible, biodegradable, and extremely hard in nature.

Added to these benefits there is one more plus point for spider’s silk. The silk that is produced naturally by spiders is a renewable resource.  Comparing the microfibers and spiders silk, one thing is for certain – spider silk is much less inexpensive than microfibers.

Spider silk comes ready to use, whereas glass microfibers have to be heated to high levels and carefully sculpted at great expense.

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