Soccket Eco-friendly Football Generates Power as You Kick

Are you a football freak? Well, we have a way to turn your passion into something good for the planet. During my childhood days, I have always wondered if we could turn the energy we use to play into a sustainable form of energy. I guess my wild fantasies have finally come true.

What I’m talking about is an eco friendly portable generator or Soccket that generates sustainable energy when the football you kick starts to rolls around. This awe-some plug-in ball gives you 3 hours of light after 30 minutes of play.

We have already seen sneakers that are capable of powering your gadgets and kinetic energy harvesting sidewalks, but a soccer ball that powers your gadgets is a first.

Even those of you who don’t have the hobby of kicking a ball around can buy a Soccket just for the sake for the environment and also can get some exercise in the process.

Made by Uncharted Play, the Soccket is made from a sort of durable and water resistant material that doesn’t even need inflation.

Soccket will be a big help in developing countries where football is a popular sport and the poor neither have the luxury of light nor electricity.


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