Saving Fish by Posing Nude: Celebrities Strip to Fight Overfishing

Overfishing has been handed out the ultimate warning. And, the warning has come from a bunch of celebrities posing in the nude! Celebrities have posed nude next to dead fish to send out to the world bold messages about the dying fish in the sea.

This bold act is led by the UK group called Fish Love. They are fighting this social issue with a genuine motive to protect the fish.

We really wouldn’t want one more aquatic species to end up in the endangered list, would we?

The celebrities look like they have taken inspiration from PETA in their bid to save the lives of fish in the seas.

And, in case you have any doubts about the fish shown alongside the nude celebs, let us tell you all the fish shown in the photographs have been kindly donated by Waitrose, and have been caught in a sustainable way according to the company’s environmental policy.

Celebrities like Lizzy Jagger and Jerry Hall are the ones who took up the courage to pose naked in front of the camera to prove their point; you can head for Fish Love website to take a look at the photos. (Sorry, we cant show you the pictures here).


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