Save Water: Try These Tips if You Haven’t Started Doing It Yet

Saving a little water around the house is always a good thing. We have such easy access to water that some of us misuse and waste water. Be considerate, and save some water for the rest of the world. Don’t have the know-how? Just leave that to us. We will make sure you are saving water in no time. Here are the some tips you need to follow if you really wish to save water.

Soak Your Dishes

It’s better to soak your dishes rather than leaving the tap running and waste a lot of valuable water in the process of washing them.

Install Touch-Activated Sensor Faucets or Foot pedals

A running faucet wastes about 2-3 gallons per minute, so we think it might be a good idea to install a touch-activated sensor Faucet or at least something much simpler like a foot pedal.

Try to Shorten Your Shower Period

We won’t tell you hygiene shouldn’t be your number one priority. But sacrifice your shower time a bit so that others also can keep good hygiene.

Make Use of Grey Water

It is perfectly fine to use the waste water generated from domestic activities like laundry, bathing and rinsing fruits and vegetables to water your plants.

Switch to Low Flow Toilets

One of the biggest ways people waste water is by literally flushing it down the toilet. Our advice is to go for low flow toilets than the regular ones that waste lots.

Fix those Leaks

If you have a leaky pipe in your kitchen or bathroom, call the plumber at once. Plug those leaks as soon as possible because not even a single drop of water should be wasted.


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