Rohan Marley Launches Eco-Friendly Headphones in South Africa

We know you are huge fan of Bob Marley. But do you know his son Rohan Marley? If you aren’t familiar yet, chances are that you are most likely to take an interest in his story after reading this article.

The son of the legendary revolutionary singer Bob is promoting the launch of “The House of Marley”, range of eco-friendly headphones in South Africa at the moment.

The eco-friendly headphones will be named after Bob Marley’s popular songs, which will include your favorites like Redemption song, Stir it up and Exodus.

The headphones come in red, yellow and green hues and they are made from recycled and sustainable materials. They were launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January this year.

It is a known fact that Bob Marley is a nature-lover, and now his son Rohan Marley is also following his footsteps and it is obvious that he can’t give up his passion for music either.

Rohan Marley believes that these audio products are developed on the basis of three principles– eco friendliness, superior quality, and being cause-minded.

Rohan aims for a sustainable future through the use of organic products and materials. He feels brands need to take responsibility for the impact that their products have on the environment.

But wait guys! He is not done yet. A part of the profits made from the sales will be donated to his family’s charity – – to South Africa’s Faces of Hope Foundation and the building of a fully equipped music room for the Eqinisweni Secondary School in Ivory Park.

Kudos to Rohan Marley for spreading the love to South Africa! Please scribble down your views below.

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