Phone Booths Reborn as Fish Tanks; Recycling Takes an Amazing Turn

Creating wonders and beyond, the Kingyobu group has paid a tribute to Japanese culture by transforming old phone booths into homes for gold fish. Not willing to be convinced? We too were in the beginning.

As you all know, there is absolutely no one who uses a phone booth as connecting with anyone requires just a tap on the touchscreen devices that are available aplenty. But then the Japanese are not wiling to dump old phone booths just because technology has helped them so much. They are changing old phone booths into aquariums.

The Kingyobu group that has been infusing new life to trash worthy objects since 2011 has now brought this unique recycling venture to the streets ofOsaka. And, thus phone booths also have turned fish tanks and are now a source of entertainment to passers by.

Kingyobu or the “gold fish club” is definitely a group of creative workers as they leave the booth’s original bench and telephone inside so that it creates an underwater diorama akin to a home fish tank. Passers by can also feed the fish through the top of the fish tank like a regular aquarium.

Safety comes first, and their initial step was to waterproof the booth’s interiors, seal the cracks around the doors and edges for the fish that make the recycled booths their home.

Another fun fact is that at night the tank glows from within, illuminating the town squares in which they are placed.

Isn’t that an awesome idea, folks?

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