NY Under Siege! Raccoons Out to Conquer New York

New York is under siege! The city dwellers are increasingly running out of their home, and displacing them are a bunch of adorable looking creatures. Raccoons are in control, folks, and the situation is turning to be as alarming as it can get.

Residents are frustrated as these raccoons are out-smarting the most determined trappers and are invading the city. What seems to be a battle of the turfs has already started out in some of the neighborhoods in New York City.

Even as they prove they are smart and hungry for more, they are evading cages set u with cat food as bait to trap them.

Many a family has been found hiding in garbage cans, backyards and even sneaking into homes when no one is around.

City dwellers have attempted to call 3-1-1, but they have reportedly been told that the city will not respond unless the raccoons appear disoriented and potentially rabid. The residents are now trying to call for other humane measures.

Well, the citizens are petrified as the invasion continues undaunted. They have already called a public meeting called the ‘Raccoon Summit” to debate and discuss as to how to confront these “unwanted guests”.

That’s not the end of their worries, as rumors speak of these rodents ‘multiplying like rabbits’.

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