Multi-purpose Solar Powered Lamp is a Charmer

BRIGHT has tread the green lane as always and the latest innovation is more than just an after-dark illumination. A solar powered lamp is a solution for those who can’t afford electricity and have a difficult time getting on with their lives.

The BELL solar lamp developed by BRIGHT Products fully charges batteries after eight to ten hours in full sunlight. The lamp can then provide light up to 50 hours on the lowest brightness setting, eight hours on medium and four hours on high.

Now what they are looking for are sponsors so that they can deliver what they promise. If this product becomes accessible to all, everyone will be able to use this solar powered gadget to charge your cell phone or other USB gadgets too. The lamp shade can also act as an electricity-free sound amplifier for your smartphone or MP3 player.

This is one solution we desperately need in our day to day lives. This amazing new sustainable technology is sure to provide light to millions out there who are in great need of cheaper power.


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