Love Your Planet; Put on These Biodegradable Shoes

Do you know the shoes you are wearing today might end up floating in one of those water bodies over there some day? Multinational sportswear and shoe companies are realizing now that the average shoe contains an amount of synthetic fiber, and hard thermoplastic which could eventually cause damages to waterways, air, soil and wild life around us. They have also realized that it would be way safer and eco-friendlier if they could switch to sustainable, biodegradable, eco-friendly material.

Initiating efforts aimed at that, Nike is making clothing and footwear from post-consumer recycled materials as part of its Nike Better World efforts.

Other multinational companies like Puma have also decided to move to the post-consumer materials section next year.

Even as more manufacturers are shifting towards this sustainable innovation, enough damage has probably been done towards our environment.

One Moment, a Spanish company is already one step ahead of the other multinational companies as they have created a shoe which is not only eco-friendly in design but also 100 percent bio degradable.

There is also no problem in washing the biodegradable shoes as you can wash them with biodegradable dish soap and water to get a brand new clean pair.

So you can wear them around and when you’re done with them, you can just shred them and toss them in the compost bin so that they will eventually break down – in six months or so – and yet leave no waste whatsoever.


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