Levi’s WasteLess Jeans Line Aims for a Sustainable Wardrobe

Turning a new green leaf is none other than Levi Strauss now. The apparel maker has tread more into eco-friendly terrain by unveiling their all new green denim jeans. Totally different from the ones you have in your wardrobe, the new Levi Strauss creations named Levi’s Waste<Less collection of jeans and jackets are made partly from recycled plastic bottles and trays

Levi’s has always stood for class and comfort, now they are making an approach to attain sustainability.

The latest line of jeans will arrive in the stores early next year and hopefully the garbage jeans won’t slow buyers down.

As many as eight crushed brown and green plastic bottles are blended into each pair of Levi’s new Waste<Less jeans, made up of at least 20 percent recycled plastic.

The Waste<Less jeans are just another step for the company in their push towards reducing the impact on the environment. The first batch of the Waste<Less jeans have already used 3.5 million recycled bottles.

Earlier in 2010, Levis had set out to reduce the amount of water and energy spent during a garment’s lifetime with their Water<Less jeans collection. The brand taught the people to air-dry their jeans rather than waste huge amounts of water. They have so far saved 360 liters of water with this experiment.


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