Killington Resort in Vermont Powered by Cow Poop

Powering your living space with cow manure is a thought worth thinking over, right? Killington Resort, in central Vermont, is doing exactly that. Now, that’s what we call a greener game plan for the winter season ahead.

You can’t ask for a better source of renewable energy after all. The resort authorities have partnered with Green Mountain Power to run resort on electricity generated from cow manure.

The popular question in everyone’s mind is whether there any harmful waste materials that rise out of this venture. Well, let us answer that for you. The Green Mountain Power Cow Power Program’s number one priority is safety, as they have adopted safety measures so as to ensure the safety of the people and the environment.

Under the Green Mountain Power Cow Power Program, manure is daily collected from Vermont’s dairy farms, converted into biogas and then into electricity.

Also, if you are opting to support the program, you also can help out the Vermont dairy farmers by purchasing generators that run on methane from cow manure. This will eventually provide the farmers with incentives to get into the cow power producing business.

So, winter’s round the bend. Get your backpack ready. It’s time to head for this green resort. Tell us your experience once you are there.

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