India Gets its First Net-Zero Energy Commercial Building

There is always reason to smile when news of yet another sustainable building comes up. Treading the green line like many other nations,India too has built its first energy net zero building to the world in the city of Bhopal. The SunCarrier Omega building stands out  as a zero-energy building sporting zero net energy consumption and zero carbon emission capabilities.

As you would know, India’s rapid rate of growth of industrialization in the recent past has resulted in a significant energy deficit. And, as a result of this, the only option for industries was to resort to captive power generation.

The problem that arose as a fall out of that was that they had to depend on diesel generators as the single largest source captive power generation.

This has also led to abundance of green house gases. But now, the SunCarrier Omega NZEB has brought in a  solution to this problem by building this new sustainable building in Bhopal.

The building features sun-tracking solar photovoltaic generators integrated with large capacity energy storage to trap all the solar energy and use it efficiently. The solar systems generate and store enough energy to fulfill the building’s electrical and air-conditioning needs.

Wait, the design has to offer more, the design makes sure that the building uses day light to facilitate nature lighting. The most exclusive feature of the building is that it consumes no fossil fuels at all.

More than the industries, this kind of energy conservation can help hospitals, where the availability of power is critical to survival.

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