Home is Where the Heart Is: Even if It is Made from an Old School Bus!

You don’t always see one of these on the streets. Even though it looks like it, this isn’t just your average rickety old school anymore, because Wpi Creative has turned it into a comfy home for a lovely couple living in the Cascade Mountains.

A comfy bus home is just what you need high up in the mountains, where you can travel and live at the same time.

Wpi Creative built this dream bus home not only to be a perfect shelter, but also to serve all their homely needs.

Most of you go through the trouble of owning lands, signing papers, paying utility bills, building a new house from scratch and all this sweat just to live in the midst of the city.

Now, with such a recycled bus offering much potential you don’t need to do all that. This old bus home is equipped with everything you can possibly imagine.

The bus home is lined with wholesome timber and features the same kind of secure shelving and furniture that you get to on a boat to ensure minimum disturbance during travel.

There aren’t many defects to this bus home. Just open a window or two to let in as much as fresh air as possible. This helps the old clunker from being over heated too. Besides, there is nothing like fresh air, right?

Here’s a bunch of pictures of the innovative home.


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