Green Ideas for Halloween; Let Your Kids Have All the Fun

For all you environmental friendly parents out there, here’s how to let your child have a “green Halloween”. So, this time you are welcome to take a stand in life and not trash the planet for the sake of Halloween! You don’t really need to spoil the fun at this time of the year when your kids get to dress up as their favorite super hero or villain and walk around scaring people.

This Halloween, instead of buying a brand new expensive costume why not stick to bedecking your wardrobe with handmade décor to distributing natural confections.

Rather than attending a raucous party, I suggest you think about saving a few bucks and resources. Don’t consider yourself cheap! Consider this is the real way of celebrating Halloween around your neighborhood.

Inexpensive Halloween costume creation can make use of a little leftover self tanner, lip liner and the trashiest outfit in your wardrobe. You can also come up with lots of other ideas to make the occasion even more perfect.

If you’re not keen on buying Halloween decorations that are secondhand or lovingly made by other folks that’s also fine by the way.

So give your children something to be proud about this Halloween, rather than waste money and valuable resources. Have a happy and green Halloween!

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