Fashion Industry Waste Can Light Up Your Home; Ask Naomi Paul

It needs a lot of hard work to create art out of pure waste.  If you know Naomi Paul, her previous works have already proved her mettle as the face of sustainable fashion. She has not let us down this time either. Naomi has created dramatic crocheted lamps out of nothing more than fashion industry waste.

While perfecting her previous work, she had hand-knit some comfy cushions out of 100% organic cotton that had come up for display. The British designer always uses a range of materials that are recycled, upcycled, organic, industry waste and British luxury.

Her designs are known for their bright colors and lovely edgings and frills. She combines traditional craft techniques such as knitting with a small modern twist.

Naomi has proved wrong all those who think that excess materials don’t usually re-surface as fashion.

Recently showcased at Design Junction, these lovely lamps represent sustainable fashion to the fullest.

She has used a traditional technique namely the crocheting techniques to create these elegant pendant lamps.

These lamps also have bagged the first prize this year from World Architecture News for the Furniture and Interior Accessories category.

Paul’s pendant lamps combine fine crafting sensibility with a modern aesthetic sensibility that results in a dramatic lighting.

Do you have a similar tale to narrate?

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