Ellen DeGeneres’ Joy Kingdom is a Facebook Game that Helps Save Animals

Look who is making news! Ellen DeGeneres, the television host is taking her animal advocacy game to the next level. She has added a new venture to the virtual world with a brand new Facebook game that actually helps real animals.

She has introduced a new game called Joy Kingdom to Facebook and she believes that she can save a lot of real animals in the process.

The game, created by Sojo Studios, allows you to help Amani, the king of the Animal Spirits, to restore their world after shadows stole away all the joy. So, basically, the main objective of the game is to restore the balance back to the world.

The most exclusive part of the game is that players can work together and overcome challenges to clear the shadows and put the joyful roar back into the Joy Kingdom.

How does Joy Kingdom help animals? Well, while you play you earn currency called Joy, which enables you to contribute to charitable projects like in the real world.

This game will benefit organizations that signed up at launch, which include The Humane Society of the United States, Best Friends Animal Society and Farm Sanctuary.

Kudos to Ellen, for bringing a new innovation to the gaming world. Ellen says that she is representing her pets while doing so. So, check out her new Facebook game and save as much cats and dogs as possible in the process. Go, play here!


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