ECOmove All-in-One Wheel Motor Unit for EVs Unveiled at Paris Motor Show

Danish company ECOmove has unveiled their all-in-one wheel motor unit for electric vehicles at the Paris Motor Show. This innovative wheel solution for electric vehicles combine motor, brakes and suspension into the wheel unit itself, consequently, reducing the weight and production expense. 

The two current concerns of electric vehicle manufacturers are the use of the expensive batteries and the increasing production costs. The innovative wheel unit, which is the most competent, is a fully efficient drivetrain that packs the motors, brakes and suspension system.

The compact unit mainly aims to reduce the weight and the number of parts. It is based on a suspension system in composite materials, which reduce the need for bearings and springs. The limited parts and the minimum amount of moving make it easy to maintain.

The engine, which performs up to 80% of the braking, helps in less wear on the mechanical brakes.

Above all, no oil change is needed. The wheel motor unit is placed separately without axle, thus making it more accessible too.

It can be removed or replaced as per your need. Flexibility and customizability are the cores of the concept.

The unique system reduces environmental footprint and uses less energy and resources. It is patented and waiting to be produced at low cost.

Here’s a video that explains the new ECOmove creation. Tell us your take on this one.

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