DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Tobey Maguire Plan Films Against Animal Poaching

Big Guns in Hollywood are joining hands for a cause. As you all know, Leonardo Di Caprio has been always been in the news for his eco-friendly ways. This time around, two other actors have pledged support to assist him in his next green venture.

Actors Tom Hardy and Tobey Maguire have joined hands with Leo to embark on an attempt to stop poaching once and for all.

They have agreed to do two anti-poaching films, which will revolve around animal trafficking, anti-poaching Special Forces in Africa and other countries fighting animal poaching.

With the Top – Ts joining DiCaprio, we guess we wouldn’t want to miss that kind of action. We hear that the first film, written by Sheldon Turner, will be produced by Maguire and DiCaprio themselves.

And the film is said to be based on the lives of Tom Hardy’s friends in the anti-poaching Special Forces.

But there are bigger plans for the second film as rumors are rife that the second film will involve all three actors on screen.

And, it would get better as the actors are doing these flicks with a “green” motive. Their ultimate aim is to spread awareness about the seriousness of animal poaching and to put an end to trafficking.

So, hopefully the flicks would hit on the issues and create a trend that will change people’s attitude towards animal poaching and trafficking.

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