Daniella Monet Turns Mermaid; Shoots for PETA Campaign

Ever come across a mermaid? Fiction has brought unto you so many of them, right? But then here’s a new one that talks and swims and turns a few heads! Daniella Monet is the new sexy mermaid I’m talking of here. Thanks to PETA’s new idea, the actress has donned the role of a mermaid for the organization’s campaign.

This isn’t like any of the other campaigns with actresses you have seen earlier in PETA’s archives. Nudity is not all that turns heads here. Okay, but then who would want a mermaid in casuals?

Daniella Monet has donned scales and a sexy top to turn herself into a mermaid for PETA. The Nick star, all of 23 years, has tweeted her excitement at being a mermaid.

And, to make her look and feel one, the first ever professional mermaid in the world aka Hannah Fraser arrived at the location to teach her a lesson or two on how to conduct herself as a mermaid.

The photoshoot had both celebrities don the mermaid garb and they looked indeed mesmerizing. Daniella’s excitement was evident from her tweets that read thus:

So excited! Check out @hannahmermaid. Mermaid power! What an amazing shoot. So grateful to have met hannahmermaid. One of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Daniella, we are also excited seeing the pictures. Kudos PETA!

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