Build a Tree House for Your Kid: Learn How To Go About It

Your kid probably nurses the fantasy of living in a tree house, but hasn’t told you yet! Why don’t you take the initiative of fulfilling his fantasy and build him a tree house in your backyard.

For sure, it is going to be an awesome experience for your kid and his friends too. More so, if you get them involved in building the tree house as well. They might have their own creative imagination run wild.

Be very cautious while planning your tree house as the safety of the kids should be prime priority. Getting started is the easy part, just sketch out your design out on a paper before construction. Then you need to jot down what all you would need – from wood, hardware to tools.

A vital part about building your own tree house is selecting the right tree, so make sure you find a suitable location for your construction.

Hardwood trees such as oaks or maples are strong, but softwood trees will work nearly as well. Trees can be either attached to a tree trunk or can be supported by a post.

Select a tree that is at least 24 inches in diameter for a freestanding tree house. If the tree house will be partially supported by posts, an 18 inch diameter trunk will work too.

If smaller children are going to play in the tree house, it may be safer to build it closer to the ground. An elevated platform of 5 feet will seem quite high to a child. For most tree houses you’ll want to attach the platform to the tree trunk.

Use your creative insight, exceed your limitations and build yourself an eco-friendly tree house that will satisfy your kid’s wildest imaginations. Hope you have already written our article on JK Rowling’s tree house plans for her kids. This is your turn. Are you ready?

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