Black Mamba Venom Can Be a Pain Killer Drug

The next time you hear venom, don’t fret. For, it has been proved that the mamba venom hides with itself medicinal properties. A study has revealed that peptides isolated from the black mamba can be a safer pain killer than morphine.

The black mamba has always been feared due to its bite. The venom is among the fastest acting of any snake species.

If not treated with anti venom immediately the poison would attack the central nervous system weakening and paralyzing the victim.

Scientists have tested it in mice, and it has been proved that the mice experienced an effective pain relief without toxic side effects.

Though not tried in humans as yet, the researchers hope to bring out the same kind for the benefit of mankind.

In any case, the peptides are much safer than morphine as they do not even pose threat like addiction or drug abuse. As you know, morphine is often regarded as the best drug to relieve severe pain and suffering, but it has several side effects and can be habit-forming.

And, now its black mamba venom in focus! Scientists say this remarkable achievement has been an important update in the scientific world. And to think this was made possible from the deadly venom of one of the most venomous snakes alive makes it exciting.


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