Beach Resort In Brazil Has Green Written All Over It

If you feel like enjoying the sweet little moments in life, just visit this beautiful beach resort in Brazil. This beach house has been carefully designed to fit perfectly into its peaceful ambience. So pack your bags and take your family out on this exotic journey to Brazil, Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort

The resort’s beauty comes from its unique balance between the inspiring surroundings and detailed architecture. Architect Osvaldo Tenorio imagined an eco-chic design resort that would capture all serenity and has created this perfect green abode.

To make your stay even livelier, the architect has built a secluded world of peace where the turquoise ocean and golden sands are reflected in the texture, colors and shape of the magnificent resort.

You can get a good night’s rest after a whole relaxing day in the Ten Apoena suites that focus their attention on the extraordinary views and comfort guests with Egyptian cotton sheets that are said to ease their sleep.

Look forward to your stay at these extraordinaire suites, including the Araxa Suite that boasts beautiful interior gardens and exterior showers.

Check out more pictures below, and you will know what this resort has in store for you. Also, please share your thoughts if you have already visited this beautiful eco- friendly resort.

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