Avatar Maker Sets Up Solar Arrays to Generate Power for Future Projects

James Cameron had been in the center of criticism as allegations of wasting power while at work on his previous project Avatar. He has decided to make amends. The film maker has decided to set up massive solar arrays ahead of starting work on all his successive projects. Now that is what we call green thinking. 

Cameron has already  established his position as an environmentalist by setting up massive solar arrays at the Manhattan Beach Studios in California.

This new system consists of three large roof-mounted photovoltaic panels, 3,692 solar modules and three inverters which can capture to one mega watt of power.

With the help of Stellar Energy, the director personally supervised the setting up of this system, which is expected to produce enough electricity to power work on his new venture.

The eco friendly director believes that through Avatar 2 and 3 he can send a message to the public that clean green solar energy can be generated at work. He also plans to use the profits received from the trilogy to do more for the benefit of the environment.

Cameron sure proves his point with his new effort. Check out a video of Cameron and his producing partner Jon Landau talking about the new solar arrays below.

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