Art Goes Green: Giant Armchair Made From 2500 Plastic Bottles

Stop pinching yourself, you are not dreaming! Admit it you never thought you would see one of this, did you? This is one ultimate form of recycling – a giant armchair made out of 2500 plastic bottles. The colossal construction was displayed at Park Galeria, a mall in Budapest some time ago.

What awesome idea! Creative artist Várnai Gyula recycled 2500 plastic bottles and created this humongous arm chair which also allowed passersby to sit on it and enjoy.

The artist’s imagination went sky high while creating this art form, and it was a recreation of an average arm chair, though in a bigger proportion.

Gyula’s work is truly an inspiration for others too to recycle and create more artistic forms for public amusement and convenience.

Truly fascinating, right? Here’s another picture.

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