Anne Hathaway Wedding Day Menu an All Vegan Affair

Did you know Anne Hathaway got wedded to Adam Schulman last Saturday? Oh yeah, you might know all the details of how and where she tied the knot. But, did you know that the eco-friendly actress hosted a vegan wedding?

Yes, it’s true she hosted a vegan style dinner after she tied the knot this past weekend. And it was a big hit!  A nature-inspired ceremony and reception gave out a green message to those who attended the wedding.

Around 100 guests attended the nuptials, which actually started with a rehearsal dinner on Friday night.

This wedding was all thanks to Anne’s wedding planner Natalie Portman’s, Yifat Oren and event professional Stefanie Cove who helped to create this perfect weekend for them. The couple dated for four long years and then got engaged in November 2011 last year.

Apparently, Anne Hathaway invited more than 150 people to witness her become Mrs Schulman. And, the married couple did in fact exchange their vows in front of more than 150 people.

The menu had only vegan dishes .Vegan goodies, veggie burgers, cupcakes, and truffle macaroni – these were some of the dishes she had for her guests during the wedding and the engagement.

Calls for applause, right?

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