Wear a Skateboard on your Eyes! Eqo Recycles Skateboards to make Sunglasses

How cool would it be to wear sunglasses made of battered and broken skateboards? Off the hook! right? Well Eqo Optics gives you just that! The small Colorado-based company E makes sunglasses from broken skateboard pieces and adds a green style statement to eye wear.

And guess what, these sunglasses are handmade and finished at the Colorado Springs workshop.

Jon Winfrey and Ryan Vecchiarelli, two of Eqo founders, and apparently skateboard enthusiasts, are behind the making of these sunglasses.

There’s more to these radical new shades – they are polished with food-grade resins so that they shine with a natural gleam.

The stainless steel hinges and polarized Polaroid lenses are inserted to give you that dashing look.

The design inspired from the classic Wayfarer came out with a successful start and now the makers are planning on partnering with I Ride I Recycle, Grind 4 life, Bamboo sk8, Team pain and the Tony Hawk foundation for a sustainable skate future.

So next time you want to dump a worn out skate board, think recycle.

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