Switzerland’s Islas is an Energy-Storing Battery-Office

This office in Switzerland indeed looks like any one of your regular offices. But don’t be fooled by its appearance! This office in reality is actually a solar-powered energy-storing battery- building. This office isn’t just another commercial building with a pretty design; it actually is an energy storage facility.

Mierta and Kurt Lazzarni Architekten took sustainability as the number one priority when they designed this building.

Though it uses a solar powered photovoltaic system installed in the roof to soak out the sun’s juices, we get to wonder where the sun’s heat goes. Simple! The design takes care of that by storing all the solar energy water tanks under the building.

This beautiful design is believed to be inspired from the nearby riverbed and the stepped hillsides in the distance.

The four-storey structure houses a migrolino store, a dental surgery clinic, a beauty clinic and an architecture office.

The concrete floor absorbs the heat during the day time and later uses it during the night.

Also, the refrigerator system in the migrolino store rejects heat that moves through out the building during the nights. No additional heating systems are required during the cooler months, thanks to these systems.


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