Sting and Turdie Styler Awarded for Eco-Friendly Efforts

Look who is being honored for their efforts at making the earth greener! Much respected celebrity couple Sting and Turdie Styler have been chosen by the Cinema For Peace Foundation for its prestigious award. The eco-friendly couple did manage to raise over $30 million to protect the rainforests and the indigenous people that live around the world.

They have been working for decades together towards this initiative. The celebrity couple has brought the Rainforest Fund Organisation one step closer to achieving their goal. The mission of the Rainforest Fund Organisation is to protect the rainforests and the rights of indigenous people around the world.

Some of the previous honorary award recipients include Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn and George Clooney.

The award was presented to them at an event jointly organized by Cinema for PeaceNew Yorkand BMZ, Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The collaboration between Cinema for Peace New York and the BMZ has as its focus climate change and sustainable development.

BMZ also will be supporting the Rainforest Fund as they believe they also share the same goals as the Rainforest Fund Organisation.

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