Species on the Brink; How Do We Save Them?

Whole hearted efforts from all over are ensuring the come back of some animals from the edge of being wiped out, but what about the ones still vulnerable to extinction? Human activities have caused enough harm to these animals and plants living in the wilderness. The list below displays 8 wild species that have been facing the threat of extinction due to human encroachment and other natural phenomenon. Take a look.
African Elephants
There is an irony involved when I say that the largest land mammal on earth is the one facing the most problems when it comes to survival. Though banned, illegal marketing of ivory is blooming in many countries, thus proving a threat to the lives of these gentle beasts.
Giant Panda
A restricted and degraded habitat is the reason for the disappearance of the giant panda. Little does one realize that their secret of survival lies in their fondness of their habitat. 
Redwood Forests
As much as 90-95 percent of the area resplendent with Redwood forests believed to cover the full west coast of southern California to Oregon was destroyed due to urbanization and other human activities.
Polar Bears
Polar bears live on the Arctic Circle, but the change in climate has severely affected the world’s largest land carnivore. 
Only around 680 gorillas are left in the wild, due to human activities like war, hunting, mining and agriculture.
Humpback Whales
Commercial whaling, ship strikes and net entanglements are the reasons for the disappearance of these beautiful creatures.
Even though there are efforts from conservation groups to help the wild cats, there are only 4000 tigers left in the world. 
Endangered Species Living in the Arctic
Global warming is the main culprit in this case, and more green-house gases would mean there will be no more of the species left in a while.
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