Puma Sustainable Store in Bangalore is Cool and Energy-Efficient [Video]

Feel the need for a sustainable store near you? If you live in Bangalore, here’s something that can make you smile. Global brand Puma has opened its first ever sustainable store near you so that you can contentedly shop for unconventional materials like discarded DVD players and cast off bicycles.

The 8600-square feet building is absolutely cool  –  you may take this in a literary sense too as the highly insulated shell and recessed ceilings keep the interiors cool for the costumers who walk in.

Yet another feature that adds to the cool environs is the underground heat-sink system that helps maintain a constant building temperature of 24 degree Celsius throughout.

Further, the roof top garden adds to the sustainable behavior of the building. The new store also sports an energy-efficient lighting system, which provides the interiors with 90 percentage of natural light.

These apart, the solar-powered store generates energy with the help of Photovoltaic cells that has an output of 10,384 kWh units of energy a year.

The new sustainable store will retail a wide array of products made from organic cotton in its Wilderness Collection section.

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