Pope to Travel Green; Renault Donates Electric Vehicle

The Pope deserves a green mode of transport, right? Also known as the Green Pope, Benedict XVI  knows how to stay eco-conscious with a style factor. The Pope’s not the only one, apparently his bodyguards also get a chance to ride in style. If you would remember, the Pope had got Vatican’s first all- electric car, thanks to NWG Auto, after he wished for one.

He’s got a second one coming his way now. Renault has donated the second EV decked out in blue and white. The new green vehicle is an all new EV that sports lithium ion batteries which ensure 105 miles.

For comfort, two separate seats are fitted in the rear interiors. In case the pope wants to stand up and wave to his people, that too won’t be a problem. He just needs to stand and wave through the sky roof!

The pope was looking for a plug-in hybrid from Mercedes- Benz or a solar powered car until now. It looks like he didn’t exactly get what he wanted, but getting a free EV is better!

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