Mushrooms Can Help Build Homes Too!

You all know mushrooms are incredible edible organisms. But, did you know they can also be used as an organic building material? If you aren’t convinced still, read on. How many of you have the fungi phobia? The fact remains that Mycologists have been working long and hard hours to get rid of “fungi phobia” from people’s minds.

Philip Ross, a dedicated inventor, has researched all his life to studying about mushrooms. Especially, the specifically quick-growing ones called Mycelia.

And he hopes there could be further developments to the Mycotecture project very soon. Now just think about all the amazing stuff you can build with the help of mushrooms.

Philip believes that people can start producing a lot of local materials using this fungus and could even create residing places with them.

If that isn’t enough, mushrooms also have the potential to be a substitute for petroleum based plastics.

Another cool fact about Mycelia is that they are also resistant to fire. Mycelium creates a thread-like network below ground that connects the mushrooms that are visible above ground.

As they absorb nutrients, they are also very vital for decomposition of organic matter.

So think twice before throwing out mushrooms just because you don’t like their taste. What say?

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