McCartney Intervention Helps Abused Pachyderm Walk Free

Remember reading about Sunder, the young elephant that was destined to spent time in solitary confinement? The poor pachyderm was also subject to constantly abuse in the region near Jyotiba temple in the Indian state of Maharashtra over the past seven years.

Sunder however found a savior from afar. Legendary Beetle Sir Paul McCartney shot off a letter the Indian Minister for Forests demanding the immediate release of the poor animal.

Pointing out in his letter that Sunder has been kept under deplorable conditions, and bound by spike chains, he wrote that the young animal has been rendered weak due to pain; eye injuries, skin problems and a poor health condition.

McCartney’s letter triggered a movement with websites started to run stories of other celebrities from around the world, including Pamela Anderson, joining the fight to secure Sunder’s release. PETA had also been working towards securing freedom for the young elephant.

India’s Forest Minister Dr. Patangrao Shripatrao Kadam has finally responded to Paul’s letter and Sunder has moved to a wildlife refuge where he would hopefully lives his rest of the life without pain.

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