Mayim Bialik Brings Vegan Lifestyle to the Fore Via Vegan Cook Book

Emmy-nominated actress Mayim Bialik or Amy Farrah Fowler from the famous TV series Big Bang Theory is all set to release a cook book for all you veggies out there. The actress claims the cook book contains recipes that even the non-vegans might enjoy. She is also about to include Jewish recipes in her book.

Being a complete vegan, she veganized all of her family’s standard recipes. The outspoken actress had vociferously stated earlier about the gains of having a plant-based lifestyle and her views on animal rights.

Mini potato kugels and the chocolate truffle pie are her two preview dishes that will feature in the new book. Her love for animals is the factor that has made her a vegan from the age of 19.

She feels complete now that she is a total vegan giving herself a healthier lifestyle. Going by what she believes, it is easy to manage such a kind of lifestyle because it is very inexpensive and easy.

So folks, are you too following Mayim Bialik’s footsteps?

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