Long Road Ahead for India Electric Car Segment

India is investing in more eco friendly projects, like those that usher in more environment friendly vehicles and reduce the ever growing carbon foot print concern. The latest  we get to know is that the administration has invested $4.1 billion in a bid to the production of electric and hybrid vehicles in the country.

So that would mean, as many as 6 million eco-friendly vehicles on the road by 2020 – a target that seems ambitious.

When it comes to the electric and hybrid based vehicles,Indiahad so far been a  huge let down.India’s slow growing market for EVs had hit the speedbreaker after the government withdrew financial support worth up to Rs 1 lakh per vehicle this April.

The manufacturers seem to be more keen on building low emission cars rather than EVs, simply due to the high costs involved.

Reva, India’s only electric-focused carmaker, however aims at selling 30,000 battery run cars by 2016.

All said, the age of electric and hybrid cars has set in already, and India needs to look forward if it is to do something concrete on this terrain. With doubts persisting on feasibility, costs and the amount consumers will need to shell out, the India EV scene has a long road to go.

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