Lady Gaga Irks the World with Racoon Tail Outfit

It’s okay to wear what you want! But it is certainly not okay when you kill an animal to fill your wardrobe. Though Lady Gaga has always had kind of a loud fashion sensibility, her fans like her for the freaky attitude she puts forth. But then not this, for heaven’s sake!

Fans all over are irked with her fashion sensibility after the 26-year-old was photographed wearing a burkha-style gown featuring five raccoon tails (pictured below).

Sorry Gaga! This time we cannot accept your fashion sense as we don’t like the idea of killing an animal to show off new ideas.

Earlier this month, she was also spotted wearing an outfit that featured a fox fur scarf. It is believed that Lady Gaga turned to a non -sustainable fashion sensibility after the singer posted a public rant decrying criticism of her fashion choices while simultaneously attempting to convince people that she cares about animals.

One thing is truly clear – Gaga is well on her way to the top of PETA’s 2012 Worst Dressed List.

A real shame! Some one with such artistic insight should care for the animals and nature around her too. What do you feel?

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