Jesse Kamm Has Her Mind Tuned Towards Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion! That’s something she’s good at. Even though Jesse Kamm hadn’t set out to become an eco-friendly fashion designer, she did eventually become one and believes that the reason she became a green designer is her strong connection with Mother Nature.

Her pride comes from her designs ‘Ethos’, locally made from Los Angeles, where Kamm resides to keep an eye on everything regarding sourcing and production and also to ensure that her workers receive a fair amount of wages.

Her winter collection titled Sanguine Moon basically means the hunter’s moon, and has been inspired from the idea of hunters working their way through the forest floor on the brightest full moon of the year.

Come hell or high water, this fashion designer always sticks to her strong morals, even though she understands that “sustainable fashion” is a contradiction as a phrase. However, she knows the changing behavior of the fashion industry won’t change her mind about “sustainable fashion”. Clean lines, quality, versatile silhouettes are what get Jesse Kamm going.

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